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Our process works as follows:

  1. We create and set up your studio with the Scene Machine Universal advanced projector. The Universal is the most full featured multi-functional Virtual Backgrounds projector made. It is designed to work with top quality professional cameras, both digital and film. The Scene Machine Universal includes every conceivable adjustment that enables the photographer to have maximum control. This combined with Ultra Projection Screens allows this universally new and unique technology to be captured (the latest and greatest contribution to the portrait photography world). We offer our clients a wide variety of backdrops to suite their needs, that includes the option of providing a custom created theme (given that enough time is provided) and our existing portfolio does not comply.
  2. We set up a printing station.
  3. We then take digital photographs with the background that suits your theme the best.
  4. The images are automatically downloaded at the two printing stations with our state of the art software, ready for re-mastering.
  5. We then digitally enhance the photos and put on text such as "Yearend function" or a logo (what ever you need) and print the photos out on our professional printers.

Reasons why organizers prefer DEi as their studio photographers

  • We use the latest and most modern equipment and software.
  • We have an obsession to deliver quality to our clients as quick as possible.
  • We have a very user friendly website – we believe it is the best and most used photography website in South Africa (see notes below).
  • Postal orders ordered from the website are sent by way of registered mail or courier services within 48 hours after payment plus if the print is damaged by any means we will resend a new print, off the same image, free of charge.
  • Our staff has years of experience, not only in photography but also in client relations.
  • This business is our passion and it is not a sideline project – this is our main business and we continue to strive to be the best in the industry.
  • We have three teams that can cover events so we will always be available to cover an event, even more so when we have a long-term relationship with our hosts.
  • We always have back-up equipment to ensure that any technical problems can be dealt with swiftly.

Why go for ultra advanced digital backgrounds?


Creating Virtual Backgrounds is made possible with the Scene Machine and Spectravue projection system. It involves taking any ordinary transparency or slide and inserting it into the projector. Making use of a beam splitter glass and specially coated, retro-reflective screen, the image is projected behind the subject. The image is flashed simultaneously with the studio strobes used to light the subject(s), thus creating a backdrop during the exposure.


  • Any imaginable scene can be used, including indoor, outdoor, canvas, graphics, and much more. Creating the perfect and desired theme has never been more possible.
  • Setting up a studio can be done in a matter of minutes. No additional arrangements with regards to heavy props and big un-manageable backdrops.
  • Space efficient, neat and tidy.
  • Creating an individual personalised theme, giving u the unique opportunity to add that special touch.
  • Providing a more vibrant, creative and not to mention technologically advanced product to you and your client. Making your event a social highlight, one to be remembered.


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